´╗┐The Spitting Distance Tour 2016

As we trip further into the rabbit hole. A tumble weed of change approaches. Ever evolving, not withholding.  Its been a good ride so far. As we edge towards our final date of the 25 date Spitting Distance Tour 2016. (July 2016-End of October 2016) There is a sense of rejuvenation and eagerness to crack on with new material. Our Debut EP was realized and released. Not bad going since forming in April 2016. We’ve met some fabulous folks. Networked a bit too. Played alongside the wonderful harmonica player Robert ‘Too Tall’ Bachelor. Making ponderers aware his ‘suspicious’ looking belt is not made up of incendiary devises. We wish him well in America and will see him again very soon.   Privileged to get super gigs though performing at open mic nights. its rather becoming going out there with a brand new bang! Speaking of which… This darkness brings lucid memories. Remembrance. Finger ends like leather, hangover hell fire. The realization that lemonade and cider cuts vocal chords not applauds. We been clapped, ignored. Continue to make a lovely list for future reference of the good, the bad and the damn right awful never play again venues. We are now doing gig for a good bunch of promoters. Big thanks to I’m Not From London, Roots Acoustic and Bad Time For Bonzo, Steve Oliver. We’ve played the Hockley Hustle 2 years running in 2 different bands. Bunkers Hill and outside Homemade on its 10 year anniversary. New songs on the way. Semi hibernation while new creations area birthed at Claudsville Studios. Not too shoddy from a pair of ‘Divas’ (Well I can only speak for what I’ve been called and tar PP with the same brush for the hell of it!)

Big thanks to Ange and all who have and are supporting our passion that is music.

 Unfortunately Rick Astley has not replied to our @strangecu tweets. Even after doing a Rick Rolled banjo cover! Moving on.. maybe more luck with Shakin’ Stevens? On a serous note.  Live music in 2016 has involved meets and music chats with the charming Chris Helme, Nigel Clark from Dodgy, Mark Morriss, Inkubus Sukkubus. Celebrity chef Simon Rimmer. Its been a productive time. Band links and pictures:




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