American Saviour

Available on digital stores NOW! American Saviour

Strange Currencies

This is not just an ADVENTURE…. It’s a HAPPENING….It’s a NEW WORLD ORDER EVENT!

Strange Currencies single, released on digital stores December 3rd 2016.

iTunes Link

We hear the roar of fans… Hellaujahyeah! This is a funky monster of a record that will have you singing along to the chorus like a beastie in the bushes with a lollipop in one hand and a toupee in the other.Turn it up in your vehicle, your cans, your in ears to harass neighbours, at BBQ s and dance like you’re a shivering kangaroo on a cake walk in a hurricane. Or even…..

“Jump on board let’s ride the pony, one by one go marching in.” 

With a pledge. It begins. “Ride the Pony” make a promise… kick it off with a walrus howl, a banjo riff and an comb-over quiff. Hell unleashes a war of woo hoo’s.

We had oodles of fun…

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