Into 2017 … Strange Currencies

As we wind down the gigs of 2016.  Oh and its just been a blast for our debut year in Strange Currencies. An EP and ironic iconic Single ‘American Saviour’ out. ‘Making Monsters’ the new record is being made over the winter months. We’ve just got back from a gig in Portsmouth where we had a great time. In true Xmas spirit with William H Bear, raffles, donkeys and PP’s bulging sack. (Thanks you folks for coming)


So we head on wards and outwards from our ‘Spitting Distance Tour in Nottingham.’ A few hangovers later, bitch fits, shits and giggles, a few road trips behind us. A lot of new adventures ahead. Seeking out the opportunities for ‘support locally’ has now expanded. As knocking on ‘closed doors’ is futile and energy consuming which is better spent elsewhere when we don’t tick ‘certain’ criteria. There very well may be a ‘Oops well in hindsight’ future action. When the shoe is on the other foot disco dancing down the yellow brick road, past a hurricane down the fast lane…Everything glitters.

From the birth of this band in April ’16.  After our name became from the REM song. To the fruition of the first live sets in July ’16.

We were chatting the other day during rehearsal about the 40 years music experience between us both. In fact we chatted about stuff that can neither be remembered or repeated. Cheeky Vimto experiments and a bottle bank box full later…We are still fresh souls, if a little older in drinking habits, and probably more constructive and creative with experience. Something in ones wild wide eyed teens and 20’s that was of no concern.

I’m personally excited now we can really indulge and crack on with recording. As the bands sound is expanding. Finding live members to fill things out is an investment of time, the law of attractions and networking. The fruitful tree of talented souls just need shaking from some higher branches for the expansion.  This music industry is ‘a changing.’ From the Karaoke led machine that cracks the commercial time bomb…to the ageist elitists shallow wanderers of waters. Hope lies in the longevity of bands that are masters of their own destiny. The genuine opportunity givers that don’t view a short skirt and make up as pure talent. The folks that listen beyond a demo and help realise the potential for pleasure. Yes there is funding out there for some. There is also the catch 22 of trying to get your music out there and gain an audience. Where the funding will give if you already have fans. GET NEW FANS GET FANS GET MORE FANS!  The advice. Hard graft, perseverance, networking, resilience, self belief and keep making the music that is your best. Invest your time and energy into the things that count. Playing to nobody who is interested every week is futile. But finding an opportunity to seek that one person that can make a difference or that really enjoys what you do is amazing and achievable. I’ve seen dead people, I see the one hit wonders… I see that artists and bands that died trying. I see the ones that are still going. Much respect. They tried, they created, they split up, some died. We’ve lost a lot of good ones to the Angels this year. But some cherubs are crawling out of the cracks of the floorboards. ‘Pitter Pattering’ their new sounds like white noise.


Thank you folks that have listened and new folks that have enjoyed. For the people who have turned their backs (FCUK YOU !). For the fans that believe in great music. Strange Currencies move into 2017 with a sense of achievement and hangovers. Whoop Whoop! Ride the pony on the love train baby!


‪@Acacia_Radio Strange Currencies will be performing live on Acacia Radio this weekend.‬

– Claudine

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