1 Day. 2 Gigs. 2 Counties

The songs are slick, tight and readying for the studio session. That is just our opinion.  If you haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of watching Strange Currencies…A band on the verge of not being ignored :-0… They present to you a pleasantly surprisingly good mix of rock, funk and blues original music ditties. Give a like Facebook


The summer heatwave is in its full sweaty, sweary Mary, sloth like day slumbers, after ‘no proper sleep’ at night shenanigans. We endured ‘The Beast From The East’ which gifted many with snow, chaos and commuter Hell. These are the sweltering times of unbearable armpits, Velcro sticky thighs, sunburn, dead lawns, sugar tax, frayed tempers, food banks and flat screen TV’s, sweaty underboobage for the ladies and for the blokes…let us say:

When a biscuity bollocks combination of digestives and overbearing aroma of supermarket fish counter on a bad day, mated, had kids, partied with maggots… then festered in wheelie bin with tins of opened dog meat. Were later found in a stagnant swamp with a very used rehearsal studio velvet padded drum stool. That stench then sits next to you on an empty bus, when you have a really bad hangover. This is the aftermath and endurance battle of heatwave Britain. We don’t have home air con and are not used to this deserted humidity, aka mugginess. There is little escape, bar a wet flannel and noisy fan in ones bedroom.

So before the dog days end, with swarming ‘bastard’ wasps, ineffective insect repellent, screams, sweat stinging eyes, rhubarb cider… the music began…

The band played 2 gigs, 2 counties on Saturday the 4th August. With some seriously good musical instrumentation from Steve Canner (Bass) Andrew Death (Guitar) Claudine West..Yes a female drummer! (Drums, Mandolin) Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor (Harmonica and charm) complemented by the sonorous vocals of PP Johnson.

An intimate and loud afternoon set with not a snifter of a cover version in sight. The Brandy Wharf Festival happened by the river Ancholme ‘in the shadow of the Lincolnshire Wolds.’ It’s in its infancy and run by The Black Market venue team. Thank you for all of your hospitality, refreshments and Chilli.

Photos: Tina Sherwood @ Rock Shotz

Strange Currencies perform ‘Stranger Things‘ at Brandy Wharf Festival 2018.

Then we scurried back to Nottingham to Annie’s Burger Shack for an evening set. (Thanks for the beer and Delta burgers too! Cheers Annie! Much appreciated.)

Unfortunately we missed watching and VERY not participating in the DEATHRAY CHALLENGE!


Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor in a Too Tall deck chair!


Wait for it…..

ENJOY! ‘Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy‘ Annie’s Burger Shack Seaside Party. (With a really inappropriate YouTube automatic thumbnail)

The funky and single from our forthcoming album: ‘From The Floor‘ featuring Mr Andrew Death on guitar.

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