Rock Music From The Midlanders

Having supported Mark Morriss of The Bluetones at The Lady Bay Festival 2018. Strange Currencies are on the verge of not being ignored.

And so ladies and gents, we’ve scored our second number one of the year! We’ve topped DFM (Digital Future Radio’s) Unsigned chart for this week with our track, Razor Face. Thank you to all that voted for us. We managed a whopping 70% of the vote, which allowed us to take the number one slot. Awesome work, guys. We quite literally couldn’t have done it without you.

We also present a FREE download of our debut album ‘Making Monsters’ on Soundcloud and Bandcamp – Go here >>>



After a hell of a heatwave, summer festivals and wasp terrors. We are settling down with Rusks, WD-40, Desperado and Vimto to create our 2nd album on a shoestring budget. There has been much internal discussion and debate of late as to how we evolve as a band. Big thanks to Stuart Belsham @ PRS and Jamie Pullman @ Musicians Union for great advice. We regularly attend Nottingham Nusic Events to get tips and brutal hilarity from other industry professionals and frustrated locals. Then people scamper with their CD, on a potential promise of a listen for radio play, that rarely happens. Persist with your greatest work kids, then still expect rejection. It’s a cutthroat business. Attentive listening and raw hard hitting honesty for the up and coming youth, from Andrew Trendell at NME, Chantelle Fiddy at Mixmag, Merlin Alderslade at Metal Hammer, Tshepo Mokoena at Noisey. Kate Holder at Radio 1, Daniel P Carter at Radio 1, Sian Anderson 1xtra Dj, Mike Walsh at Radio X and more love spreading shizzle.

Within this quagmire swamp and over populated industry. Where literally anybody can watch a YouTube tutorial and create a beat and a track on their phone. Where to stand out? Well…A pact with the Devil, a pet Tardigrade, pleasant hamster looks, luck, great tunes, shite tunes, Bezzie mate contacts are most likely needed. A lot of ‘support’ in Notts music, as other scenes, caters to supporting youth and pretty things. (Some of us clearly spent too much time getting battered in hermitsville and studio, in bands that never lasted long. Shy and clueless in ones formative years to better promoting our work..) or in truth, was it just shite? Or did one open the wrong door when opportunity knocked? Maturity, wisdom and all that Jazz. Everything in the past lead to now. Happy days!

Owners of our very own master recordings and the songwriters… 🖖

Strange Currencies transport our visions in Wi-Fi, Hi-Fi our lives to you. 2018 has been fruity. With a necklace of sharks teeth, a baby rattle and humbug, a strange instrument that sounds like a frozen kebab and squawks subliminal messages in reverse. We danced fully clothed round a fire with rhubarb cider and choked when the wind was in the wrong direction!

With drum stools specially prepared in our rehearsal room @ Octave Rooms, Nottingham.

Check out this beauty

We rejoice that winter is coming. We are pretty excited and satisfied that we can get a decent music thing out to you all.

The darkness brews very well played tracks that we have been performing on the circuit for a while. Whilst whole band is jamming. Drum tracking with Claudine West ‘miked up’ in a rehearsal room in Derby..

Then Andy Death is overdubs/ is re-recording his guitar parts. Steve Canner will utilising his many bass pedals.

Claudine West and PP Johnson will then crack on with getting vocals laid down at ‘Claudsville studio.’ Then any keyboard parts.

In other news..

Question to audience chatting through live set. “Who would like to hear a gig?” (Massive cheer)

“Who would like to talk through a gig?” (Silence) 👍🙏

A performing musicians constant frustration! Support or headline. Shut up and listen. Very well said Jesca Hoop! We saw her when she supported José González & The String theory at Albert Hall, Manchester. He also stopped playing mid song and waited for a member of the audience to shut the fcuk up.

P.S. There are the good ‘uns like Chris Barlow at Roots Music that has been great from day #1. We love you. Thanks also to The Black Market Venue, The Kimberley Jam. Ey Up Mi Duck Festival, Lady Bay Festival and the rest for having us.

Special thanks to Isaac Walters, Bob J Cat and Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor for joining us on stage and filling in.





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When the spotlight shines upon the blessed. The sun is the disappearer beyond the farthest of valleys. The good vibes travel to the ends of the Universe. Light Years. Colliding with the arrival of Zen, the end of days. In a good way. A sweaty early summer Monday evening was spent at the Sitwell Tavern in Derby.

Thanks to Less Than Three Promotions Strange Currencies shared the stage with Phil Matthews (The Village), Modern Comforts and Viyellas.

Strangecu 22.5.17 sitwell tavern

The 22nd of May 2017. We performed our debut (as the new full band line up) set. Settling down after to enjoy the other bands. Later to turn on the news. This day will sadly be remembered for the dreadful suicide bombing at Manchester Arena. The murder of innocent Adults and Children. Mr Trump called them ‘Losers.’ In a mad world and progressive era of violence and improvised despicable acts. Our love reaches out the the folks and all affected in Manchester, that suffered a horrific act of radicalised violence. The outpouring of support by the people is overwhelming. You will never win, you will never destroy the freedom and spirit of the people. #FACT sending love and healing. In the spirit of music.

I’m Free 

This is the adventure Strange Currencies are on.  We go into studio at the weekend to lay down the final tracks for our album Making Monsters.


We play a special acoustic set on Sunday  28th May at the Dot To Dot Festival in Nottingham. More live shows to be announced 


RIP in musical Valhalla Chris Cornell.


Big thanks to Roger Moore for your time on Earth too.


PS make sure you vote for the right one 😉 


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On Your Radar 2017

From summertime acoustic doings to the big expand. A small step but giant stride into the wild.
Music by its pure design evokes and evolution of mind and spirit, along with uncontrollably movements in body. Euphoria swiftly follows. Drawing upon emotions of past and present.

Strange Currencies members PP Johnson (vocals) and Claudine West multi-instruments & drums) decided to put it out to the electronic universe that they needed the full tool kit. Being themselves the nuts and bolts.

It smiled kindly as acknowledgement of their efforts should come in the form of Andrew Death (pronounced ‘Dee-ath’) on guitar/ multi-instruments and Bassist Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton. With additional support from Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor. The summer gigs are lining up fast.


After a couple of rehearsals in the middle of making the album ‘Making Monsters.’

There are some serious undertows of electrifying performance. Their sound?

A combination at the same time of Drums, Bass, Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals. From upbeat festival crowd pleasers to sublime rock road trips. A variety of styles make the strange current and a blip on your radar.

I Don’t Dance

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The Spitting Distance Tour 2016

As we trip further into the rabbit hole. A tumble weed of change approaches. Ever evolving, not withholding.  Its been a good ride so far. As we edge towards our final date of the 25 date Spitting Distance Tour 2016. (July 2016-End of October 2016) There is a sense of rejuvenation and eagerness to crack on with new material. Our Debut EP was realized and released. Not bad going since forming in April 2016. We’ve met some fabulous folks. Networked a bit too. Played alongside the wonderful harmonica player Robert ‘Too Tall’ Bachelor. Making ponderers aware his ‘suspicious’ looking belt is not made up of incendiary devises. We wish him well in America and will see him again very soon.   Privileged to get super gigs though performing at open mic nights. its rather becoming going out there with a brand new bang! Speaking of which… This darkness brings lucid memories. Remembrance. Finger ends like leather, hangover hell fire. The realization that lemonade and cider cuts vocal chords not applauds. We been clapped, ignored. Continue to make a lovely list for future reference of the good, the bad and the damn right awful never play again venues. We are now doing gig for a good bunch of promoters. Big thanks to I’m Not From London, Roots Acoustic and Bad Time For Bonzo, Steve Oliver. We’ve played the Hockley Hustle 2 years running in 2 different bands. Bunkers Hill and outside Homemade on its 10 year anniversary. New songs on the way. Semi hibernation while new creations area birthed at Claudsville Studios. Not too shoddy from a pair of ‘Divas’ (Well I can only speak for what I’ve been called and tar PP with the same brush for the hell of it!)

Big thanks to Ange and all who have and are supporting our passion that is music.

 Unfortunately Rick Astley has not replied to our @strangecu tweets. Even after doing a Rick Rolled banjo cover! Moving on.. maybe more luck with Shakin’ Stevens? On a serous note.  Live music in 2016 has involved meets and music chats with the charming Chris Helme, Nigel Clark from Dodgy, Mark Morriss, Inkubus Sukkubus. Celebrity chef Simon Rimmer. Its been a productive time. Band links and pictures:




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Strange Currencies EP : Strange Currencies

 Unwrap Strange Currencies…The sonorous superb vocals of PP Johnson. With an eclectic acoustic foundation, this is rock music for the soul. The multi instrumentation of Claudine West emits rhythmical eloquence with alternative undertones. Lyrical diversity walks between parallel lines of the hauntingly uplifting. With gems such as ‘The Last Refuge.’ This creative duo radiate powerful live performances, which are stripped down to the bone, invoking a zephyr that turns a hurricane.

Released 10.09.16

The Debut 2016 Strange Currencies #Rockustic EP

Featuring harmonica player, Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor. (Who they discovered at a live mic night.)

From Strange Currencies

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strangecu press release 2016


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Released digitally 10th September 2016

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strangecu press release 2016

Described as ‘SUBLIME’ by Filthy’s, Nottingham.

Formed in April 2016, Nottingham duo Strange Currencies began writing and recording their eponymous debut EP and their 2017 debut album ‘Making Monsters.’

Featuring the powerful raw vocals of PP Johnson (No Empire, Subway Circus) and multi-instrumentalist Claudine West (The Idolins, Subway Circus)

They began performing at local open mic nights to promote their music and have thus far worked with local promoters such as ‘Bad Time For Bonzo’ and ‘I’m Not From London.’

They describe their eureka moment as an eclectic style they call ROCKUSTIC: fusing such styles as Rock, Country and Folk (to name but a few). Influenced by The Who, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Bobby Womack, Foo Fighters, Tori Amos, Black Sabbath, Jose Gonzalez and Suzanne Vega and R.E.M. (with the band name taken from the R.E.M. song).


Strange Currencies EP Track Listing

  1. I Don’t Dance

A catchy acoustic funky track about today’s drinking culture. Intoxication being the only way to willingly get on the dance floor (for people of a certain age). Featuring guest harmonica by Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor, whom the pair met on a live mic night at The Doghouse in Carlton, Nottingham.

  1. The Last Refuge

They say prayer is the last refuge of the scoundrel. This haunting acoustic track tells of a drug addict who, while overdosing, turns to god in their final moments.


  1. Razor Face

The mandolin accompanies this tale of the end of a long and failing relationship.

“ ‘Cause you and I are lost to the circus

You’re chasing pictures of bumper cars

And I know it’s your space not mine

I’m just making up the numbers

And if you think I’m out of line

Then I’m happy to let you”



Gig listing – The Spitting Distance Tour 2016

Manager  Angela Barker 07887490203


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#EP Strange Currencies Sampler 17/08/16

Due for digital stores release 10th September 2011. Listen to Strange Currencies Debut #EP #Promo

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Live Dates 2016- Strange Currencies


The Spitting Distance Tour 2016

17th October -The Maze, Nottingham – The Something Sessions

9th October 2016 – Hockley Hustle : Bunkers Hill, Nottingham 

20th September – Wellington Inn, Eastwood

18th September – Great Northern, Langley Mill 

13th September – Little Acorn, Ilkeston 

4th September – Brown Cow, Mansfield 

3rd September 2016 – The Lady Bay Festival, Nottingham

1st September The Angel Micro Brewery, Nottingham : Open Mic 

27th August – The Golden Fleece, Beer Festival, Nottingham

26th August – Rose Of England, Nottingham 

23rd August – Pepper Rocks live mic, Nottingham

11th August – The Golden Fleece, Nottingham – Open Mic Party

 9th August – Filthy’s – Spotlight 10pm – 10:30pm, Nottingham

6th August 2016 – The Bath Inn, Nottingham

2nd August – Filthy’s live mic ‘Spotlight’ Nottingham

27th July 2016 – The Jam Cafe, Nottingham – Open Mic

21st July 2016 – Thursday Night Music Club, Nottingham – The Doghouse

30th June 2016 The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham Live Debut)



Adventures in Live Mic Nights 

As a new band. We get the material written, rehearsed, performed, recorded. Then it’s time for the audiences and fan collecting…. ‘Fannymon Go!’ We thought.. Ok. Let’s prove ourselves. Let’s do the live mic night circuit. Trying out craft ales. With The JamCafe… 

The Doghouse ticked these last couple of weeks. 

Plus a visit to watch, Reverend and The Makers, The Bluetones, Shed Seven and Ocean Colour Scene in Leeds was inspiring.

We are working through the Nottingham list first. This way we get to play venues that wouldn’t normally offer us a gig, while we build up the set list and performance practice. Collaborating with promoters and venues. Team working. We are acoustically what we are and not every venues cup of tea. So I’ll monitor how many doors are slammed or not responded to. I like to remember you see. Always comes in handy later on 😉 I’ve just come off the drum kit and back into other instruments such as guitar, mandolin, keyboard. So it’s useful to practice til my left hand finger tips harden like old leather. I suffer more pre match nerves on these than hiding behind cymbals and sat down cozily at the back on my seating arrangement! Plus networking is great! We’re about to record a very talented harmonica player on one of our songs at Claudsville Studios. A great find and lovely gentleman.. We saw him perform and chatted at a live mic night. It’s not about poaching. It’s collaboration. Featured musicians! Where ‘Join my band’ fails to find collaborators that share the same dream and tick boxes. ‘Musicianimon Go!’ Does. So that’s our plan. As gig offers roll in.. Not too shoddy from a band that began in April 2016. With an almost finished #EP and songs from the new album in progress.

I at times wish for the time to do this full time. I’m riding the productive and inspired rainbow, past orions belt of adventures. It’s non stop and fabulous. But the day job pays the bills and travel adventures… Oh and instruments and stuff… As we develop as a live act, we gather new friends and many good memories along they way. Yesterday at the beach bandstand at Southsea, Portsmouth. We sat in the sun simmering. Listening to a few covers bands. 

People were dancing to well know songs. You know what? Not bad performances of them. There is a big danger with covers! They can destroy a song if done badly! I’ve seen my fair share of acts and egos. But high five for getting up on stage to anyone. We stick to originals. If a cover opportunity arose. My opinion … Bring something new and different. As a musician I’d like to think I’m not an MP3 player. Recreating a copy. Creating something brand new out of 12 notes in a particular order is challenging. But ever so exciting and rewarding. Even old songs from the Claudvault are reinvented with style and prose. It is about working together with PP Johnson and achieving something pretty darn good. – ClaudimonGo! 

We are Strange Currencies 
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