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A Strange Currencies exclusive gig with debuted 2 brand new evolving tracks for our 2019 album.  We wrapped up our last gig of 2018 at Head Of Steam, Nottingham.  Before flu season and S.A.D. really grabs some by the boo boos. Be nice to others and keep grateful, happy, warm and healthy folks. We are now midway through album production. Hosted by Roots Live Music (Chris Barlow – we love you)
Big thanks to support from Billy Reynolds

2018 has been progressive and productive for us as a band. Have a great and blessed New Year. Hope can be found in the darkest of places. Sometimes you have just got to change things if they are troublesome. Ask for help. Seek answers. Breathe in the breeze, ride the storms. Nature, music, laughter, exercise, good food is a great healer.

Festivals and gigs lining up for 2019.


Pilgrim Commuter
Until There Was You


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Rock Music From The Midlanders

Having supported Mark Morriss of The Bluetones at The Lady Bay Festival 2018. Strange Currencies are on the verge of not being ignored.

And so ladies and gents, we’ve scored our second number one of the year! We’ve topped DFM (Digital Future Radio’s) Unsigned chart for this week with our track, Razor Face. Thank you to all that voted for us. We managed a whopping 70% of the vote, which allowed us to take the number one slot. Awesome work, guys. We quite literally couldn’t have done it without you.

We also present a FREE download of our debut album ‘Making Monsters’ on Soundcloud and Bandcamp – Go here >>> http://hyperurl.co/fvq7ck



After a hell of a heatwave, summer festivals and wasp terrors. We are settling down with Rusks, WD-40, Desperado and Vimto to create our 2nd album on a shoestring budget. There has been much internal discussion and debate of late as to how we evolve as a band. Big thanks to Stuart Belsham @ PRS and Jamie Pullman @ Musicians Union for great advice. We regularly attend Nottingham Nusic Events to get tips and brutal hilarity from other industry professionals and frustrated locals. Then people scamper with their CD, on a potential promise of a listen for radio play, that rarely happens. Persist with your greatest work kids, then still expect rejection. It’s a cutthroat business. Attentive listening and raw hard hitting honesty for the up and coming youth, from Andrew Trendell at NME, Chantelle Fiddy at Mixmag, Merlin Alderslade at Metal Hammer, Tshepo Mokoena at Noisey. Kate Holder at Radio 1, Daniel P Carter at Radio 1, Sian Anderson 1xtra Dj, Mike Walsh at Radio X and more love spreading shizzle.

Within this quagmire swamp and over populated industry. Where literally anybody can watch a YouTube tutorial and create a beat and a track on their phone. Where to stand out? Well…A pact with the Devil, a pet Tardigrade, pleasant hamster looks, luck, great tunes, shite tunes, Bezzie mate contacts are most likely needed. A lot of ‘support’ in Notts music, as other scenes, caters to supporting youth and pretty things. (Some of us clearly spent too much time getting battered in hermitsville and studio, in bands that never lasted long. Shy and clueless in ones formative years to better promoting our work..) or in truth, was it just shite? Or did one open the wrong door when opportunity knocked? Maturity, wisdom and all that Jazz. Everything in the past lead to now. Happy days!

Owners of our very own master recordings and the songwriters… 🖖

Strange Currencies transport our visions in Wi-Fi, Hi-Fi our lives to you. 2018 has been fruity. With a necklace of sharks teeth, a baby rattle and humbug, a strange instrument that sounds like a frozen kebab and squawks subliminal messages in reverse. We danced fully clothed round a fire with rhubarb cider and choked when the wind was in the wrong direction!

With drum stools specially prepared in our rehearsal room @ Octave Rooms, Nottingham.

Check out this beauty

We rejoice that winter is coming. We are pretty excited and satisfied that we can get a decent music thing out to you all.

The darkness brews very well played tracks that we have been performing on the circuit for a while. Whilst whole band is jamming. Drum tracking with Claudine West ‘miked up’ in a rehearsal room in Derby..

Then Andy Death is overdubs/ is re-recording his guitar parts. Steve Canner will utilising his many bass pedals.

Claudine West and PP Johnson will then crack on with getting vocals laid down at ‘Claudsville studio.’ Then any keyboard parts.

In other news..

Question to audience chatting through live set. “Who would like to hear a gig?” (Massive cheer)

“Who would like to talk through a gig?” (Silence) 👍🙏

A performing musicians constant frustration! Support or headline. Shut up and listen. Very well said Jesca Hoop! We saw her when she supported José González & The String theory at Albert Hall, Manchester. He also stopped playing mid song and waited for a member of the audience to shut the fcuk up.

P.S. There are the good ‘uns like Chris Barlow at Roots Music that has been great from day #1. We love you. Thanks also to The Black Market Venue, The Kimberley Jam. Ey Up Mi Duck Festival, Lady Bay Festival and the rest for having us.

Special thanks to Isaac Walters, Bob J Cat and Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor for joining us on stage and filling in.





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Grand Final Winners and Indie Rock Winners

Strange Currencies became the Ourstage December 2017

Rock Grand Final Winners and Indie Rock Winners for ‘Carnival Of Fools.’


Track is from eclectic debut album. ‘Making Monsters.’



http://ourstage.com/winners December 2017

2018: After a winter break. The bands are working on new material for a new album and will record an EP.  Along with Festival and gig dates. 2018 is musically fruitful!

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Making Monsters

Making Monsters, released 3rd November 2017 is the debut album by band Strange Currencies.

This is a journey. An evolution of sorts. An expanding exploration of the human psyche. We are the monsters. We become the monsters. We hide the monsters. From acoustic ballads to indie disco to rock anthems. This album emits variance and vibrancy.  It began in 2016 acoustically with the birth of Razor Face, featuring a mandolin. After the break up of their previous Rock band, PP Johnson and Claudine West wrote a bunch of acoustic songs while working on new tracks in Claudine’s home studio.  They did a 25 date ‘Spitting Distance’ Tour as a duo with Claudine switching between on acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo. Met Harmonica Player Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor at the Dog House live mic night. Later recruited members, Andrew Death (guitar/banjo) and bassist (Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton until Sept 2017) to evolve the music and live sound. Claudine switched to performing on the drums and mandolin at the same time.





This album was recorded, mixed, produced by Paul Phillip Johnson and Claudine West at Claudsville Studios, Nottingham. 

 Tracks:  In Your World, Maddening Skies, Carnival Of Fools, I’m Free recorded at Paper Stone Studio (Thanks Tom) and Claudsville Studios, Nottingham. 

Razor Face (Live Version) recorded at Fiskerton Studios, Nottingham.  Thanks to Jim, Sheba and Ash (Rogue Levels)

 Track 1


Claudine West – Keyboards

Track 2

In Your World

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Drums/Keyboards/Guitar
Andrew Death – Electric Guitar
Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton – Bass


Track 3

Gypsy Disco

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Electric Guitar/Keyboards/Arrangements


Track 4

I Don’t Dance

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards/Arrangement
Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor – Harmonica


Track 5

Space In Time

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards


Track 6

Maddening Skies

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Drums/Keyboards/Backing Vocals/
Andrew Death – Guitar
Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton – Bass


Track 7

This Girl

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Electric Piano/Strings/Backing Vocals


Track 8

American Saviour

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Keyboards/Banjo/Arrangement


Watch the video! American Saviour

Track 9

Stay Down Kid

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Guitar/Lyrics


Track 10

Carnival Of Fools

PP Johnson – Vocals
Claudine West – Drums/Keyboards
Andrew Death – Guitar
Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton – Bass


Track 11

Making Monsters

PP Johnson – Vocals/Lyrics
Claudine West – Acoustic Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Arrangements

making monsters 2017 album cover.jpg

Track 12

Razor Face

PP Johnson – Vocals/Lyrics
Claudine West Mandolin/Banjo/Keyboards/Arrangements


Track 13

Prelude To Freedom

Claudine West – Keyboards

Track 14

I’m Free (album version)

PP Johnson – Vocals/Writer
Claudine West – Drums/Keyboards
Andrew Death – Guitar
Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton – Bass


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