The Band

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Vocals – Paul ‘PP’ Johnson (Subway Circus, Under Twin Suns, Small Town Ambition)

Born in a crossfire hurricane, PP Johnson was created with a single purpose in mind: To sing his ass off. From the age of 17, he’s been performing in various pubs and clubs as either a soloist or at the front of various bands. Taking his inspiration from the likes of Roger Daltrey, Bobby Womack, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder; PP Johnson brings his unique vocal style to Strange Currencies as their lead singer. He also makes a mean vegetarian chilli.

PP Johnson Music


Claudine ‘Everheart‘ West – Drums & Multi-Instruments (Claudine West Music,  Earth Tree Healing

(Previously a member of Subway Circus, The Idolins, Dominion, Word For Word, Subject To Status.)

With a natural ability with instruments such as piano, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums. Stating R.E.M. Pearl Jam, Ray Lamontagne, Tori Amos, Suzanne Vega as big influences. She has created many works over a number of decades : ‘The style of the songs ranges from something close to traditional folk, to a more dreamy sound, all the way to an electro Tori Amos, this is definitely an artist not to be pigeon holed.’ Claudine is an artist and published author of ‘Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit’ available on Kindle (An interesting and enlightening read!)

She also composes instrumental and meditation music as ‘Earth Tree Healing

Music links here >

Official Website Claudine West Music


Guitar/ Multi-Instruments : Andrew Death (Stuffy Tupham)


Bass : Steve Canner

Guest Harmonica : Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor



‘Making Monsters’ Album Launch at The Black Market Venue 3rd November 2017

Acoustic Set. Dot To Dot Festival 2017 (with Trev ‘Bassey’ Easton on Bass)